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What is Skeb?

Skeb is a Japanese commission platform with over 113,000 native creators. The marketplace connects a global base of Japanese art and content enthusiasts with native talent.

Skeb has recorded 10-20% month-on-month growth. This has propelled the platform to a 1,000x adoption growth, and the curve continues.

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Empowering Creators in the Massive Japanese Content Industry

Japanese content market is a $25 billion goliath, and it grows bigger every year.

The sector is dominated by a few mainstream media brands, sidelining most creators. Skeb gives Japanese creators a powerful opportunity to monetize and distribute their art in a manner where the primary wealth generation is theirs.

Through tokenization, Skeb multiplies opportunities for both creators and consumers: rapid transactions, content traceability, secondary liquidity, and built-in royalties for the creator.

What is Skeb Coin?

Skeb Coin is a crypto asset that enables smooth transactions between creators and their fans. For instance, users can use their sales to make requests to other users with Skeb Coin, facilitating the mutual exchange of value in the creative industry.

  • Conforms to the most common standard ERC20 on Ethereum

  • Burns Skeb Coins as requests for creators on Skeb increases

  • Uses instant payment method for low-cost and high-frequency transactions

Skeb's Expansion

Skeb Mobile

As Japanese art and content is increasingly consumed on mobile, expanding to mobile users is an opportunity to multiply Skeb’s addressable demand base. Direct sync to web3 wallets connects the $1 trillion crypto market to Skeb Mobile.

Skebverse: VR and AR Assets

Skeb currently focuses on traditional content. Skebverse expands the platform to be a first mover in the booming market of virtual and augmented reality. With growing global interest in the metaverse, Skeb is poised to provide the world with a go-to market for metaversal Japanese content, direct from the creators.

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