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What is Skeb?

Skeb is one of the world's largest commission platforms used by over 170,000 creators and a total of 3.2 million registered users. A service that connects fans of Japanese content around the world with talented creators through illustrations. Skeb's monthly transaction volume and number of users are increasing by 10-20% per month, and it has grown 1,000 times since its launch in 2018 to the present, and continues to be supported by users all over the world.

What is Skeb Coin?

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Support for the Vast Japanese Content Industry and Creators

Japan's overseas content market is a major industry that Japan is proud of, valued at approximately 4 trillion yen, and the market size is expanding year by year. On the other hand, companies and other ordering parties often have greater power over individual creators, which hinders the growth of the market by preventing creators from protecting their legitimate rights or receiving appropriate compensation. The reality is that this is the case. Meanwhile, Skeb was born as a creator-first service. By connecting creators with clients who want to commission their creations, we have supported the protection of creators' rights and the growth of the content market by using a one-shot method with no estimates, no meetings and no requests.

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Payment options that protect freedom of expression

Skeb Coin is a crypto asset that allows free trading between creators and clients. For example, clients can use Skeb Coin to make requests to creators, facilitating the exchange of value in the creative industry. In recent years, there has been a movement to expand the scope of expression regulations, and there are cases where freedom of expression is being eroded by excessive regulations, but we believe that freedom should be protected under Japanese laws and regulations. Therefore, the Skeb Coin project aims to create an environment that allows free expression and transactions by providing a decentralized payment method using blockchain technology. We want to provide creators and clients with free options and support rich expression in content creation.

Skeb Coin Utility

  1. 1. Ecosystem Income
    1. 1.1. Transaction Fees: Fee on platform payments
  2. 2. Token Value
    1. 2.1. DAO Treasury: Skeb ecosystem feeds transaction fees to a DAO treasury
    2. 2.2. Buy backs: DAO can vote to use treasury fees for buy backs
    3. 2.3. Staking: DAO can vote to use bought back tokens for staking rewards
  3. 3. Token Staking
    1. 3.1. DAO Participation: Only stakers can participate in the community DAO
    2. 3.2. Lock-up: Staking is liquid but has a cooldown mechanism
    3. 3.3. Deflation: Stakers who try to withdraw faster than the cooldown pay a fee
    4. 3.4. Yield: Fees paid by early staking exits pays yield to stakers


Skeb Mobile

The expansion of smartphones into mobile users worldwide is an opportunity for Skeb to increase demand. In the future, we will also move forward with mobile support for Skeb Coin payments.

Skebverse: VR and AR Assets

Skeb is currently focused on content in two dimensions, but as virtual reality and augmented reality rapidly grow, the platform will expand to help Skeb be a market pioneer in the near future. . Skeb Coin aims to be used to support creators and as a payment method on the Skeb platform, which is expanding into the Metaverse area.

Token Allocation

ERC20 on Ethereum