Skeb Coin is the native token of the Skeb ecosystem. Its economy includes transaction fees, staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buy backs, burns, and a DAO treasury. These are powered by fees in the Skeb ecosystem.

Skeb Coin is fundamentally the governance token of the Skeb ecosystem.

Token Ecosystem

Token Ecosystem image

Token Economy

  1. 1. Ecosystem Income
    1. 1.1. Transaction Fees: Fee on platform payments
    2. 1.2. Merchandise: Art buyers can schedule frames for their purchase
  2. 2. Token Value
    1. 2.1. DAO Treasury: Skeb ecosystem feeds transaction fees to a DAO treasury
    2. 2.2. Buy backs: DAO can vote to use treasury fees for buy backs
    3. 2.3. Staking: DAO can vote to use bought back tokens for staking rewards
    4. 2.4. Burns: DAO can vote to burn bought back tokens
  3. 3. Token Staking
    1. 3.1. DAO Participation: Only stakers can participate in the community DAO
    2. 3.2. Lock-up: Staking is liquid but has a cooldown mechanism
    3. 3.3. Deflation: Stakers who try to withdraw faster than the cooldown pay a fee
    4. 3.4. Yield: Fees paid by early staking exits pays yield to stakers

Token Metrics

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